Children and Parents Overcoming Fears and Difficulties
Children and Parents Overcoming Fears and Difficulties

Benny Says Goodbye to Worries

Book description

Overcoming fears and worries is what Benny Says Goodbye to Worries is all about. It introduces a unique roadmap for parents with simple strategies based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles. For kids, it is a humorous and intriguing story that illustrates how they can overcome fears and worries with their parents’ help. The book tells Benny and his parents’ story and how they worked together to beat Benny’s fears and worries. The journey was not easy, and along the way, they had to overcome one challenge after another until they finally succeeded. The book introduces strategies consisting of simple, proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) practices based on Dr. Jonathan Kushnir’s years of experience.


Dr. Claudia Lang, Clinical Psychologist

As a clinical psychologist and supervisor I find all of Dr. Kushnir’s books very helpful for both clients and therapists. This book’s topic is very important and helps families cope with a wide spread phenomena of children’s fears and anxieties. I love the relevant content as well as the expressive illustrations. I highly recommend it!